Datasheet : SQL Comparison Toolset

Compare and Safely Synchronize Databases for SQL Server and Oracle Database

Manually comparing database schema and data can be a time-consuming, confusing, and error-prone task. Avoid spending hours searching through and scrutinizing data and the overall structure of databases. Moreover, avoid manually generating long and complicated SQL scripts. Instead, use a dedicated tool and automate the process.

What is the SQL Comparison Toolset?

SQL Comparison Toolset provides a comfortable, automated way to compare schema and data, generate SQL scripts for synchronization, and deploy these SQL scripts to propagate databases. Compare and synchronize schemas and data between two databases of the same or different versions and editions. Simplify change management for databases. Compare databases with the finest level of detail.

SQL Comparison Toolset bundles two helpful tools to bring one powerful comparison toolset:
SQL Schema Compare compares and synchronizes schemas across instances and versions of SQL Server and Oracle Database.
SQL Data Compare compares and synchronizes tables across instances and versions of SQL Server and Oracle Database.

Product Highlights
  • Speed up comparisons with robust comparison engine.
  • Rerun comparisons faster by saving comparison sessions.
  • Maintain history and audit trails by taking schema snapshots.
  • Reverse schema changes efficiently and safely via schema snapshots.
  • Avoid manual synchronization errors by generating ready-to-deploy SQL.
  • Prevent database corruption by wrapping synchronization scripts into single transactions.
  • Run extensive synchronization scripts with script execution engine.
  • Handle large databases with custom-built algorithms.
  • Reduce learning curve, save time, and avoid errors with intuitive user interface.

Quickly Compare Databases with Robust Comparison Engine
Compare extensive schemas and data between two databases fast while tightly controlling resource utilization with the comparison engine.

View Comparison Results
Display a side-by-side, summary of the color-coded results of the comparison to pinpoint at-a-glance similarities and differences between two database objects.

Filter by Objects
Apply comparison filters to any object including tables, stored procedures, views, user-defined functions, extensible markup language (XML) schema collections, and common language runtime (CLR) assemblies to efficiently manage objects.

Rerun Comparison with Single Click
Maintain a history of comparison sessions consisting of persisted environments with all of the data related to a comparison operation. Repeat a comparison with a single click with these sessions.

Take Schema Snapshots
Save snapshots of schemas to maintain an audit trail of schema changes. Compare snapshots and compare snapshots to live databases. Compare schemas with their snapshots, taken immediately before implementing changes. Generate SQL script for reversing schema changes.

Create Project Workspaces
Create and store different workspaces that contain snapshots and comparison sessions for different sets of instances and databases.

Save Comparison Sessions
Save all of the settings and configuration options related to a comparison operation (such as databases, credentials, options, mapping rules, scripting options) to re-run of comparison operations with a single mouse click.

Customize Comparison Sessions
Completely control the comparison engine with more than one hundred exposed comparison options.

Customize Mapping Rules
Customize the way objects of databases are paired together with mapping rules for schemas, object names, and data types. Determine how schemas map with schema mapping rules.

Create Custom Comparison Keys
Compare tables and views of databases when they are non-compare because of an absent primary key and absent unique indexes.


Create Ready-to-deploy Scripts
Generate SQL scripts for synchronization to quickly and easily update the schema of a targeted database. Review the SQL script before executing, save, print, or open it in other tools. Preview the synchronization log for a summary of the changes to be applied to the target database.

Generate Safe Scripts
Ensure that the database changes will either happen in their entirety or not occur at all by wrapping their SQL script into a single transaction with a variable transaction size. Organize the SQL scripts in clearly defined sections. Receive notifications concerning issues (such as data loss) before deployment. Log and handle the errors for every object that is affected by the change.

Run Extensive Scripts
Run successfully extensive SQL scripts for synchronization with the execution engine for SQL script. View continuous information on progress. Interrupt the SQL script safely if needed.

Handle Large Databases
Serialize rows of data and fragments of SQL script as needed with custom-built algorithms. Ensure strict control of the utilization of memory.


Multiple Connection Options for Oracle Database
For Oracle Database, select from four types of connections and control the connection settings with parameters.

Save Time with Intuitive User Interface
Complete comparison and synchronization tasks in the minimum amount of time possible with multiple, intuitive paths in the modern graphical user interface.

Migrate Across Database Versions
Compare and synchronize between any of the supported versions and editions of SQL Server including Azure SQL Database and Amazon RDS for SQL Server, and Oracle Database.

Handle Errors Systematically
Eliminate unexpected and unexplained results with the systematic handling of errors.

Fully Control Comparison and Synchronization
Exercise granular control over the behavior of the comparison engine with a wide array of options.

Automate and Integrate
Schedule comparison and synchronization operations to run unattended with the command line interface (CLI).

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