Case Study: SQL Safe Backup

An Insurance Company Turns to IDERA for Reliable Database Recovery


An insurance provider with more than 5,000 employees and 50 million policy holders worldwide employs 12 database administrators and 300 developers in its Database and Support Services team. This group manages the corporation’s relational database environment consisting of Oracle for Linux, DB2 for z/OS and 2,100 SQL Server databases, which support a wide variety of business critical applications.


The database team was struggling with its backup solution for years due to an unacceptable and erratic failure rate of weekly full backups, daily differential backups and hourly log archive backups. The team received false positives on some backups while others they believed were successful did not actually create usable backup files. Also, the poor failure rates would have been even worse if they had included backups that were never even submitted because the previous backup was not finished in a timely fashion. The false positive events were discovered when they attempted to recover a database and a full backup file was missing. They knew they needed to address this situation… quickly.


The insurance company sought a cost-effective new backup solution from an industry-recognized vendor that offered reliability, ease of use and strong performance. The database team evaluated a number of solutions and selected IDERA Safe Backup due to its consistency, backup speed and competitive price point. Also, Safe Backup was easy to deploy and manage, with web-based dashboards providing useful at-a-glance views of top issues and alerts. Finally, Safe Backup offered automated backup capabilities, helping the team streamline its processes by creating backup policies for individual servers and server groups and applying them throughout the SQL environment.

Benefits and Outcomes

Since the insurance company deployed IDERA SQL Safe Backup across all production and non-production database servers in less than 2 weeks in November 2013, the database team has been extremely impressed by the solution’s consistency of backup success as well as the number of jobs executed per day. Other major benefits of the IDERA solution have been the exceptional stability, reliability and ease of maintenance. The only major upgrade to SQL Safe was to support the addition of SQL Server 2014, so not having to patch and upgrade the software frequently has freed the team up to focus on business critical work.One specific application frequently requesting non-production needed to be restored with production backups. Previously, this process would have taken three to four days because of backup failures and poor backup performance, but with SQL Safe those requests were completed within eight hours. Based on the success so far, the insurance company plans to expand its use of IDERA SQL Safe as its infrastructure grows.

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