Case Study: SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

Chevron gets its SQL Pipeline under control with SQL Diagnostic Manager


Chevron’s SQL Server database environment was growing fast. Up until now, they had simply relied on Microsoft’s native tools inside Management Studio. By the time they hit 200+ instances, Sumon Basu, Lead Database Administrator, SQL, and his team realized they needed a better solution for database management.


IDERA’s SQL Diagnostic Manager proved to be the perfect solution to Chevron’s database management challenge. Easy deployment and maintenance were a plus, while agent-free monitoring and minimal load on servers during data collection helped to seal the deal.



  • Fortune 500 Oil & Gas company
  • Over 50,000 employees worldwide
  • Needed a better solution for managing its database
  • Sumon Basu, Chevron’s Lead Database Administrator, SQL Server, was charged with finding a third-party alternative to Microsoft’s native Management Studio tools

“We were not able to resolve problems effectively and in a timely manner, especially trying to troubleshoot issues one database at a time,” Basu said. They needed something more efficient, with more robust capabilities to fit their growing environment. They turned to IDERA’s SQL Diagnostic Manager.

Basu and his team saw SQL Diagnostic Manager as an automated performance monitoring tool and a diagnostic solution in one package. “We were particularly looking for a solution that would allow us to look back in time historically, since some issues may have happened at 3 a.m., and there wasn’t a good method to solve problems remotely on-call.” SQL Diagnostic Manager proved to be the right solution, offering Basu and his team the ability to analyze performance over time, as well as providing tools for diagnosing and resolving issues using either a desktop computer or a mobile device.


The growing demands of critical SQL Server instances, incidents, and user requests made it difficult to find a comprehensive solution. Meeting these demands while proactively monitoring the SQL Server environment would require a third-party solution with robust and comprehensive features. Additionally, Chevron needed a system that would allow DBAs to monitor several SQL servers at once. SQL Diagnostic Manager’s enterprise-wide console was an attractive benefit, allowing them to monitor their growing inventory of SQL server databases from a consolidated interface.

It also had to be simple to implement. “We chose SQL Diagnostic Manager because it was easy to deploy and maintain, and because it was agent-less and did not put an excessive load on the server during data collection.”

SQL Diagnostic Manager offered features that stood out above those of competitors. “Getting alert notifications on blocked sessions and locking status of the database is very helpful,” Basu said. “And the ability to drill down and see the resource utilization during different operational times was a real eye opener for us. “

The production support team appreciates SQL Diagnostic Manager’s micro-level control, which allows them to increase performance efficiency. “Applications are more fine tuned to peform in a timely manner,” Basu said, “which increases productivity. We save around 15-20% of our time in gathering system performance data—almost the equivalent of one resource salary.”

Basu and his team were so pleased with the ease and the features of IDERA’s SQL Diagnostic Manager, they are already considering other IDERA SQL solutions. “There are potential plans to evaluate auditing solutions, so IDERA’s SQL Compliance Manager will definitely be on our short list to check out.”

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