Case Study: SQL Diagnostic Manager for SQL Server

IDERA Helps PointClickCare Improve KPI with SQL Diagnostic Manager


PointClickCare offers a portfolio of cloud-based software and services designed from the ground up to help Long-Term Post-Acute Care (LTPAC) providers manage the complex requirements of senior care. Customers credit the company’s solutions with helping them connect and collaborate within their care network, achieve and demonstrate higher quality outcomes, optimize financial performance and simplify their regulatory burden. More than 10,000 skilled nursing facilities, senior living communities and home health agencies use PointClickCare, making it the North American healthcare IT market leader for the senior care industry.


With thousands of SQL Server databases within the company’s production environments, the PointClickCare team needed an efficient and reliable way to monitor performance and address issues across all databases. In addition to receiving alerts for individual CPU, memory and disk usage issues, and being able to dig deep into problematic queries, they wanted a solution that would provide a complete picture across all servers and also allow the IT team to look back and review performance levels at particular moments in time.


PointClickCare conducted a thorough search evaluating SQL Sentry, Quest and RedGate and selected IDERA’s SQL Diagnostic Manager due to its simplicity, non-web-based GUI, Delta CPU monitoring and agentless operations. IDERA provides predictive alerting, with settings to avoid false alerts, database growth forecasting to minimize server sprawl and a comprehensive dashboard, allowing PointClickcare’s IT team to drill down into single instance details.


After using SQL Diagnostic Manager for more than a year, the PointClickCare IT team has dramatically improved performance across the organization while minimizing time spent monitoring its production environment. As a result, they are able to redirect resources to higher priority items, relying on SQL Diagnostic Manager to alert the team when issues arise.

“With IDERA, we have been able to consolidate the database monitoring using one tool, which saved us time that was previously used for investigation, allowing us to improve our KPIs,” said Dan Kravitz, Sr. DBA Manager at PointClickCare. Due to the positive experience with SQL Diagnostic Manager, PointClickCare is evaluating other solutions within the IDERA portfolio.

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