Case Study: SQL Doctor

Consulting Firm Lake IT Leverages IDERA SQL Doctor To Immediately Pinpoint SQL Server Performance Issues


When companies are looking for a SQL Expert to help with performance challenges, they turn to Oregon-based consulting firm Lake IT for experienced SQL DBAs.  Owner Pete Chiboucas has more than 30 years experience in networking, IT, and server management.  His team is often called in when companies have additional needs they can’t address alone in SQL Server performance and management.


“Times have changed and many organizations don’t have the SQL DBAs they used to.  Many times, they don’t know how many SQL Servers they have until something goes wrong or they want to make changes.  Now it’s up to the IT departments to handle performance issues without the insight or expertise they had before,” said Chiboucas.

So when Pete’s team is called in, they immediately turn to IDERA’s SQL Doctor as a first step in their ability to gain control on an environment. “I won’t start a project without running SQL Doctor first.  In a matter of minutes I have the visibility I need.  Normally it would take my team hours to do the work SQL Doctor does.”

With SQL Doctor, Lake IT immediately gains performance tuning recommendations and health checks.  SQL Doctor discovers integrity issues, diagnoses indexes, examines configuration settings, and uncovers security holes. With SQL Doctor’s Quick Findings, Lake IT is able to quickly assess, make recommendations, and then use executable scripts to optimize performance.  “The value to our client is that we are able to help them immediately, which in the end saves them time and money and they can immediately see the ROI in working with us.  For us it gives us a starting point and the quick understanding we need for any contract,” Chiboucas explained.

For both novices and experts, SQL Doctor is the quickest way to get to the bottom of performance issues. With SQL Doctor’s Expert Recommendations, Lake IT gains a library of ranked best practices, which are endorsed by SQL Server MVPs, to help his team get the highest performance possible. “I have been in the business for many years and SQL Doctor is the only tool I have seen on the market that not only gives you the cause, but provides you with tested solutions to solve performance issues.  SQL Doctor is now a key part of my consulting toolkit,” Chiboucas concluded.

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