Case Study: ER/Studio Data Architect

TalkTalk Improved Cross-Organization Communication and Productivity


TalkTalk is the leading value provider of broadband, voice and TV services in the UK market. Its broadband, phone, television, and mobile services include Simply Broadband, Essentials TV, Plus TV and the recently launched All-In SIM. Throughout its expansion, TalkTalk engaged in a number of acquisitions. According to Philip Powell, Data Architect for TalkTalk, growth was faster than expected, and as a result the company had to scale rapidly to meet demand.


The TalkTalk team was focused on simplifying reporting and leveraging available data to make critical business decisions. They wanted to understand what data they had and develop concise models without having to worry about source systems. With the ER/Studio data modeling engine in place, the technology team can easily communicate structures and attributes for data, and business users can now engage and use the data warehouse more extensively than they ever have before.

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