Case Study: Uptime Infrastructure Monitor

TeleComputing Manages Its IT Environment with Uptime Infrastructure Monitor’s Unified IT Dashboard


TeleComputing manages IT operations on behalf of small and medium enterprises across the Nordic region. The company boasts Europe’s largest and most modern operation platform built for the small to medium sized business market, delivering everything from complete IT operations systems to individual services connected to specific requirements integrated into customers’ existing infrastructure. Founded in 1997, TeleComputing is headquartered in Asker, Norway, with branch offices throughout Norway and in Stockholm, Sweden.


For a service provider like TeleComputing, customer satisfaction is a top priority. In 2013, as business continued to grow, TeleComputing noticed that frustrations around its server monitoring capabilities were mounting. The current solution was too complicated and functionality was ineffective, driving the team to seek out a more effective way to monitor servers, virtual machines (VMs), network devices and applications. They wanted out-of-the box simplicity to deliver faster time to value for customers.

“We were spending too much time troubleshooting feature malfunctions. We needed a solution that was easier to set up and maintain, more robust and reliable to use,” said Thomas Wollan, NOC Manager at TeleComputing.


TeleComputing evaluated the leading solutions and selected IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor due to its ability to proactively monitor all of its customers’ physical servers and VMs and provide a unified view of overall IT health. Uptime Infrastructure Monitor offers integrated capacity monitoring and reporting across multiple platforms. Additionally, the solution has a graphical user interface that’s easily customizable and allows the team to create private and group dashboards in minutes.


After more than two years using Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, TeleComputing continues to be pleased with the functionality of the solution. The company currently has more than 8,000 elements and 35,000 monitors in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor including ping, disk, backup, anti-virus and department-specific applications. These monitors are grouped by server type, with SLAs established and progress and performance tracked. At the end of each month TeleComputing is able to run reports in Uptime Infrastructure Monitor and communicate results directly to customers.

“IDERA Uptime Infrastructure Monitor reestablished the trust that our customers have in their servers,” said Wollan. “The solution gives us the data we need to find, diagnose and correct issues. With Uptime Infrastructure Monitor, we’re in a great position to continue to provide the top notch performance and service our customers are accustomed to.”

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