Datasheet : DB Optimizer

Tune and optimize SQL code across DBMS platforms

DB Optimizer is an automated SQL optimization tool that maximizes database and application performance by quickly discovering, diagnosing, and optimizing poor-performing SQL code. DB Optimizer empowers DBAs and Developers to eliminate performance bottlenecks by graphically profiling key metrics inside the database, relating resource utilization to specific queries, and helping to visually tune problematic SQL.

Why DB Optimizer?

Today’s database professional is short on time when it comes to performance tuning and maintaining database availability. The result is that only short-term and immediate tasks are completed while long-term sustainable solutions are missed, leading to inevitable performance problems in production databases. DB Optimizer can improve database and application performance by discovering, diagnosing, and suggesting optimizations for poorly performing SQL code, and offers load test simulations to help test potential SQL queries before they go into production. These capabilities reduce costs by maximizing productivity, improving database performance, and quickly removing performance bottlenecks.

Key Benefits

Identify Performance Issues Previously Undetected

Get graphical visualizations of wait-time analysis to pinpoint poorly performing SQL. Continually monitor data sources to identify periodic issues. Get a clear understanding of SQL execution and performance costs using explain plans.

Accelerate SQL Tuning and Optimization

Maximize productivity using automatically generated tuning suggestions for rapid fixes. Color-coded index analysis shows used, not used, or missing indexes for comprehensive insights. Case generation generates all possible cases for changes including SQL rewrites.

Simulate Production Environments

Run queries multiple times in parallel to analyze performance in a simulated production environment. Save time and improve results by load testing and verifying performance of existing and alternative SQL queries.

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