Datasheet : ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition

Build a business-driven data architecture with team collaboration

ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition is a powerful business-driven data architecture solution that combines multi-platform data modeling, design, and reporting with cross-organizational team collaboration for enterprises of all sizes. ER/Studio provides the fastest, easiest and most collaborative way for data professionals to design and maintain enterprise data models for databases and data warehouses.

Why ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition?

Data modelers and architects can easily document and share models, metadata, and reports, as well as collaborate with business stakeholders on a unified enterprise glossary with metadata terms and definitions that can be used consistently across multiple database platforms and applications. Business stakeholders can define process models and participate in the metadata definition workflow and access information on models and metadata at the right level for their needs. Data professionals and business stakeholders who want to establish a solid foundation for data governance across the enterprise choose ER/Studio.

Product Highlights

  • Document and enhance data and metadata from multiple database platforms
  • Implement naming standards and a data dictionary to improve consistency
  • Share and collaborate on global business glossary terms and definitions
  • Effectively communicate data models and metadata across the enterprise
  • Build a foundation for data governance and compliance programs

Key Benefits

Improve communication and consistency with a common repository

ER/Studio Enterprise Team Edition includes the Team Server, a centralized hub for access to business glossaries, metadata, and model objects. Publish business process models, conceptual models, and data models, and set permissions for visibility. Both business and technical users can access models and metadata, improving the ability to share and contribute information across the organization, and enabling consistency in terminology.

Map your complex data landscape

ER/Studio offers native support for multiple relational and big data platforms, along with bridges that interface to numerous other data sources and modeling tools. Improve data consistency in your complex data environment by creating consistent logical data models with reusable objects and constructs that can map to multiple physical data models. You can also directly access and map multiple ETL tools into your data lineage.

Increase productivity with a tool that’s easy to use

ER/Studio continues to focus on making updates and access to data models easier for everyone. Features such as business glossaries, interactive model viewing, and flexible object search capabilities ensure that teams can collaborate on content that accurately describes the data. Improve data consistency by defining and reusing common data elements using industry standard notations.

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