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A lack of end-to-end monitoring damages performance in complex, multi-tiered systems. Organizations process more and more transactions every quarter and IT can struggle to allocate resources and develop strategies to keep pace. The reality for most companies is a complex and evolving landscape of diverse applications that span a variety of platforms and disciplines that are supported by separate teams. Each team has its monitoring tools, but despite all the metrics, it can be difficult to diagnose and correct performance problems across disparate but interdependent technologies. Not only does this result in poor overall system performance, but also drives longer durations for problem resolution and higher support costs because teams do not have a unified view of their systems. Customers experience applications one transaction at a time. To ensure the performance of each transaction, IT organizations must embrace an integrated and collaborative approach with monitoring tools that can track performance from click to storage.


Precise measures the end-user experience starting from the browser and tracks it through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure from application to database to storage. It empowers IT to intelligently monitor and optimize performance for custom software and leading enterprise applications from SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Seibel, and more. With Precise, organizations can:

  • Clearly, see where critical transactions spend time
  • Determine problem root cause faster
  • Improve system performance against business-oriented SLAs
  • Reduce overall support costs


  • Gain operational awareness into IT problems and understand the business impact instantly
  • Repair problems quickly using proactive alerts and suggested corrective actions
  • Identify trends from detailed historical performance data
  • Simplify operations with a single, consolidated dashboard to monitor applications, databases, and storage
  • Maximize IT efficiency through a common solution that facilitates collaboration among disparate teams



Precise works by tracking the path of transactions through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure and stores both the business context and performance details in a centralized repository, the Precise Management Database (PMDB). The software then correlates transactions with users, databases, devices, files, and objects being accessed to identify performance problems anywhere within the environment. Once identified, Precise isolates the root cause of the problem and enables you to drill into the transaction details including which server, method call, SQL query, or storage device is causing the problem. These performance issues are then mapped back to the business unit or application experiencing the problem. Precise can also compare the problem against a knowledge base of best practices that has been fine-tuned over the years. The knowledge base can automatically recommend fixes to help optimize your application stack.


Precise has specialized solutions to address leading enterprise applications from SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and those written in Java and .NET, as well as custom applications. Each has been developed to address specifically the unique characteristics of its application environment and utilization of database and storage resources.

Precise for SAP

Precise for SAP collects transaction performance information across all key SAP tiers including SAP ECC, Portal, BW, PI, Java, .NET, ABAP, and 3rd party applications, databases, and storage. This end-to-end view allows IT to have visibility across their entire SAP environment through a single application.

Precise for PeopleSoft

Precise for PeopleSoft optimizes performance for the unique usage patterns of each organization. It isolates problem components such as network, Web server, Java servlet, Jolt, Tuxedo, database, or inefficient access to storage devices to help you resolve problems quickly.

Precise for Oracle E-Business Suite

Precise identifies root cause from the Oracle user, form, program, or request to the underlying poorly performing SQL or systems configuration. It delivers response time alerts by Oracle Apps form, user, report, and application so you can address issues before they become problems.

Precise for .NET

Precise monitors various .NET technologies and interfaces including ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Web services, Microsoft .NET remoting, the response time from Enterprise Services, MSMQ, and more. It can monitor Web applications as well as stand-alone applications written in Microsoft .NET.

Precise for Java/J2EE

Precise for Java provides comprehensive performance management for server-side Java applications. It addresses the need for optimizing application performance during the development, testing, and production phases of the application lifecycle.


Independent of applications, Precise has specialized solutions that monitor performance across leading database platforms from Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, and SAP ASE (Sybase). The common interface enables a consistent user experience regardless of the underlying database being accessed. Precise for Storage maps important transactions back to the storage devices being used to identify performance problems quickly.

Precise for Oracle Databases

Precise for Oracle allows DBAs to drill down in the context of the user transaction to pinpoint the problem’s root cause. It can uncover poorly designed SQL statements, programs, database objects, or even bottlenecks due to a resource shortage in the underlying operating system, virtualization infrastructure, or storage device.

Precise for Microsoft SQL Server

Precise for SQL shows instance-level resources causing performance problems, such as excessive CPU, I/O, or locks and helps uncover internal SQL Server problems resulting in wait states. Precise analyzes execution plans for heavy statements, pinpointing inefficiencies and recommending next steps.

Precise for SAP AES (Sybase)

Precise for Sybase analyzes SQL statements and database objects to determine whether performance problems are caused by poorly written SQL statements or by inefficient object design. It shows the resources that are causing waits and whether an SQL statement is bound by CPU, I/O, or another SQL statement.

Precise for DB2

Precise for DB2 UDB collects detailed statistics in the production environment allowing the DBA to tune the worst performing SQL statements and verify the impact of these proposed changes before they are implemented.

Precise for Storage

Precise has collaborated with EMC to develop a comprehensive performance management solution. Precise for Storage maps important transactions back to the storage devices being used to identify problems quickly. It helps customers optimize tiered storage for both performance and cost.

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