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PeopleSoft system operations deteriorate without end-to-end performance management. Companies all over the world use PeopleSoft to streamline their human resource processes. It is common for systems to serve thousands of processes, batch jobs, users, and transactions and when performance degrades productivity suffers, and it negatively affects the bottom line. PeopleSoft’s complex multi-tier infrastructure is often managed by pockets of staff with domain-specific knowledge at each tier along the chain of delivery. In many deployments, integration with external applications is common, further increasing complexity. Webmasters, J2EE developers, Tuxedo administrators, DBAs, system administrators, and storage administrators typically each have their own set of performance metrics and monitoring tools they use to determine the quality of service they are delivering. This fragmented approach makes it difficult to identify and tackle the root cause of performance problems. In order to overcome these challenges, IT must have a way to track these transactions across every tier and share a common view of that data with other members of their team.


Precise for PeopleSoft takes a comprehensive approach to managing complex PeopleSoft environments. Using a suite of integrated components, it provides a framework to report on and manage transaction response times as they are experienced by the end user or batch process. With Precise for PeopleSoft, organizations can:

  • Track PeopleSoft transactions through all tiers
  • Deploy 24x7 PeopleSoft application and SLA monitoring
  • Identify trends and preserve a detailed performance history
  • Isolate problems to web server, Java, Jolt, Tuxedo, database, or storage


  • Pinpoint root cause of PeopleSoft panel slowdowns in minutes
  • Increase business efficiency by improving end user productivity
  • Manage transaction performance across complex PeopleSoft environments
  • Gain end-to-end visibility across PeopleSoft applications, databases, and storage
  • Quickly locate bottlenecks at the server, method call, SQL query, or storage level
  • Maximize infrastructure investments by tuning performance and capacity planning



24x7 PeopleSoft APM

Precise for PeopleSoft reports directly on end-user or batch process response times, identifies emerging performance bottlenecks within or across tiers, and provides actionable advice when application performance departs from targets or norms.

Detailed Root Cause Identification

Because of their complex nature, PeopleSoft systems are notoriously difficult to manage. Precise helps IT drill into PeopleSoft transaction paths to see the detailed root cause information. This information helps them solve performance problems quickly, often before end-users or batch processes are impacted

Comprehensive Dashboard

The Precise for PeopleSoft dashboard is an easy-to-use tool for visualizing the overall health and status of all monitored systems. It provides support for detailed views of individual application servers, organizations, locales and other entities as well as top-level summary views of multiple PeopleSoft systems.

Performance Management Database (PMDB)

Precise works by tracking the path of transactions through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure and stores both the business context and performance details in a centralized repository, the Precise Management Database (PMDB). The software then correlates transactions with users, databases, devices, files, and objects being access to identify performance problems anywhere within the environment.


Automated Knowledge Base

After pinpointing the root cause of the problem, the Precise automated knowledge base identifies a list of suspects causing the slowdown, recommends corrective actions, and presents “what if” impact scenarios of those corrective actions to further reduce mean time to repair.

In-depth Historical Performance Analysis

The in-depth historical view of the response times for each tier in the path of the transaction accelerates the triage and escalation process, getting the right technical experts involved as quickly as necessary to resolve the problem.

Performance Alerts

Precise proactively monitors PeopleSoft performance by collecting the real-time status of key performance metrics and comparing them to established thresholds set by your organization. When a potential problem is detected, it can send notification in the interface or via email and can even take defined corrective actions.

Capacity Planning

PeopleSoft systems are constantly growing and evolving. By connecting transaction performance with the infrastructure it touches, Precise for PeopleSoft makes it easier to align server and storage capacity with the growing needs of the business.


End-to-End Transaction Visibility

Variations in usage patterns, user demands, platforms, architectures, components, and customizations all play their part in undermining performance. Precise for PeopleSoft collects transaction performance information across all tiers including network, Web server, Java servlet, Jolt, Tuxedo, 3rd party applications, databases, and storage. This end-to-end view allows IT to have visibility across their entire PeopleSoft environment through a single application.

Business Oriented SLAs

Business leaders can set business-oriented application SLAs to align performance management with business objectives. This visibility into SLAs and usage patterns enables more efficient budget allocation and tighter matching of system performance to business priorities.

Multi-Platform Database Support

PeopleSoft provides many choices to customers in which database to deploy. Precise provides capabilities to analyze various tiers in a PeopleSoft environment that can be deployed independently of the database underlying the application. Whether it is Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, or Sybase, Precise enables multi-platform PeopleSoft database monitoring from a single console.

Enhanced Collaboration

Precise eliminates monitoring complexity by providing a single solution and a common set of data for all personnel across tiers. This facilitates collaboration among disparate teams and simplifies consulting additional domain experts that in turn drives faster problem isolation and resolution.

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