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Database performance fuels company performance. SQL Server databases are the system of record for business applications and as their performance goes, so go the performance of applications and the organization as a whole. Downtime and slow system performance can result in significant lost revenue, lower productivity, and increased support costs if not resolved quickly. When performance problems occur, Database Administrators (DBAs) are frequently the first called to troubleshoot, often without any proof of where the issue lies. Any number of monitoring tools can extract metrics and provide data alerts, but the problem is without providing context for what is driving these metrics, performance management is hit and miss. DBAs need a solution that provides insight into the real causes of performance bottlenecks to determine the root cause and resolve problems no matter where they exist in the stack.


Precise for SQL Server helps ensure that your business applications perform at peak efficiency by collecting and analyzing key performance metrics over time. It can detect and correct the root cause of performance problems whether in the application, database, or storage. With Precise for SQL Server, organizations can:

  • Monitor all SQL Server instances from a single console
  • Optimize database performance tuning
  • Accelerate problem resolution
  • Reduce IT support costs


  • Identify performance issues before users are impacted
  • Pinpoint the root cause of SQL slowdowns
  • Locate bottlenecks from URL to SQL to storage
  • Detect trends from detailed historical performance data
  • Maximize infrastructure investments by tuning performance and capacity planning



24x7 SQL Server Monitoring

Precise continuously monitors SQL Server environments and provides actionable diagnostic information to help DBAs tune performance. It can correlate transactions with web, network, application, or storage tier and even associate database transactions with end user sessions to trace problems quickly.

Simplified Problem Isolation

Precise for SQL Server analyzes SQL statements, database objects, and SQL Server instances to uncover specific causes of performance problems. It presents the access path in detailed steps and displays the statistics needed to understand each step so you can isolate problems fast.

Pinpoint Problem Root Cause

Once a performance problem is identified, Precise allows DBAs to drill down in context of the user transaction to pinpoint the problem’s root cause, whether it is a poorly designed SQL statement, program, database object, or even a bottleneck due to a resource shortage in the underlying operating system, virtualization infrastructure, or storage.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The easy to use dashboard consolidates and displays a wide range of relevant information on health and status at-a-glance. This simplifies and shortens the time required to view instance information across even the largest clustered environments.

Performance Management Database (PMDB)

Precise works by tracking the path of transactions through all tiers of virtual and physical infrastructure and stores both the business context and performance details in a centralized repository, the Precise Management Database (PMDB). The software then correlates transactions with users, databases, devices, files, and objects being access to identify performance problems anywhere within the environment.


Proactive Tuning Recommendations

Precise provides DBAs with a library of knowledge and experience designed to help them tune their SQL Server environment. Recommendations around SQL statement tuning, database object tuning, index tuning and index cost are just a few examples of the many recommendations available.

Perform “What If” Analysis

Precise automatically identifies problem areas and provides actionable advice on how to address them. Before any change is made, DBAs can perform “what-if” analysis to predict the impact of proposed changes to remove the risk of accidentally making things worse.

Capacity Planning

SQL Server databases are constantly growing and evolving. By connecting transaction performance with the infrastructure it touches, Precise for SQL Server makes it easier to align server and storage capacity with the growing needs of the business.

Performance Alerts

Precise proactively monitors SQL Server performance by collecting the real-time status of key performance metrics and comparing them to established thresholds set by your organization. When a potential problem is detected, it can send notification in the interface or via email and can even take defined corrective actions.

Detailed Historical Performance Analysis

View detailed SQL Server performance counters, system availability, and job performance data over defined periods. Identify excessive resource consumption, slow transaction times, system downtimes and other signals for performance tuning actions.

Enhanced Collaboration

Precise eliminates monitoring complexity by providing a single solution and a common set of data for all personnel across tiers. This facilitates collaboration among disparate teams and simplifies consulting additional domain experts which in turn drives faster problem isolation and resolution

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