Datasheet : Safyr for ER/Studio

Integrate ERP and CRM Metadata into ER/Studio

Critical IT initiatives and projects such as Data Warehouse, Big Data, Master Data Management, ETL, Data Integration and Migration, Data Governance, Data Modeling, Enterprise Architecture, and others all share a common challenge: the need to access and understand the metadata which are the underlying foundations of the Enterprise Applications which hold much of the data required. One of the hurdles to delivering this from ERP and CRM programs is the unique nature of the metadata landscapes underpinning these systems.

Safyr provides a unique and effective function by extracting metadata from the source system’s Enterprise Application Data Dictionary including customizations. Logical as well as physical names and descriptions are retrieved. This package information is stored in a Safyr repository so users can work independently of the application.


  • Safyr helps companies who have packaged systems from SAP, Oracle, Salesforce, and others bring that metadata into ER/Studio models for increased visibility and value.
  • Safyr provides analysts, architects, and modelers who use ER/Studio with the ability to ‘see’ into the data foundations of their Enterprise applications.
  • Safyr delivers data models from these applications into ER/Studio Data Architect, which can also be shared through ER/Studio Team Server.
  • Safyr reduces the time, cost, and risk of Source Data analysis required for ER/Studio projects.

Safyr can analyze, extract, and export metadata for these platforms for use with ER/Studio:

  • Safyr® for SAP
  • Safyr® for Salesforce
  • Safyr® for Oracle EBS
  • Safyr® for JD Edwards
  • Safyr® for Siebel
  • Safyr® for PeopleSoft

This solution enables data professionals to bring key metadata from their complex SAP, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft ERP and CRM systems into ER/Studio more rapidly and effectively than using traditional discovery approaches. This extends the powerful capabilities of ER/Studio even further, to serve as the focal point to manage all of your data architecture and governance initiatives, with improved visibility into data lineage across the entire data landscape.

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