Datasheet : SQL Workload Analysis for SQL Diagnostic Manager


SQL Workload Analysis provides a granular breakdown of SQL Server wait states with easy drill-down to isolate problems quickly. It delivers valuable real-time and historical data to tune queries as well as actionable recommendations to improve performance. Its dashboard displays trending database activity and top utilization to identify problems and develop remedies.


Problematic SQL queries can severely reduce the performance of SQL Server and the business-critical applications that it supports. Consequently, it is essential to have access to detailed, real-time information on the performance of entire instances and databases, along with diagnostic tools to quickly locate and resolve specific performance issues. With the SQL Workload Analysis add-on, continuously monitor and analyze server workload, leverage the simple user interface that focuses on wait states and application performance, and troubleshoot problematic SQL code from changes made to database applications. Further, view expert guidance to tune problematic queries and index issues, validate the impact of problems and suggested fixes, uncover recurring and chronic performance bottlenecks to see degradation patterns, interrogate problem code to see impact trends for execution plan statistics, and use a shared tool to improve collaboration.


  • Perform real-time analysis with continuous SQL sampling intervals as fast as 1 sec
  • Know instantly where databases are spending time
  • Quickly isolate slow SQL statements and drill down for actionable advice
  • Investigate historical query plan trends
  • Utilize automatic recommendations to improve query performance


Continuous Wait State and Transaction Monitoring

Monitor wait states and capture transactions of applications. Get a real-time view of the entire instance and database with continuous sampling and high granularity as fast as 1 second.

Quick Drill-down for Actionable Advice

Easily drill down to isolate problems quickly. View details of the captured transactions – such as top CPU activity, waits, databases, and statements versus top logins, machines, and applications – to pinpoint problems. Display and tune execution plans with actionable expert recommendations, illuminate demanding transactions, and resolve locks and latches.

Historical Query Plan Trends

SQL Workload Analysis delivers valuable real-time and historical data to help tune queries. Investigate historical query plan trends in SQL Server 2005 and newer systems.

Integration with SQL Diagnostic Manager

SQL Workload Analysis integrates with SQL Diagnostic Manager to provide wait state and transaction monitoring. From SQL Diagnostic Manager’s dashboard, launch SQL Workload Analysis in context to isolate further the transaction causes of SQL Diagnostic Manager’s alerts for a quick resolution.

Simple Web-based Dashboard

SQL Workload Analysis provides a single web-based interface that is accessible via a browser from any machine that can connect to the framework machine. The customizable dashboard displays a quick and comprehensive overview of statistical analysis and activity trends of top database activity. Quickly drill down into the details of the captured transactions to isolate slow SQL statements, illuminate demanding operators, receive automatic expert recommendations to improve SQL queries, and analyze and tune execution plans.

Agentless and Low Impact

SQL Workload Analysis monitors SQL Server instances remotely from a dedicated framework machine. SQL Workload Analysis is agentless and does not install additional services, databases, tables, extended stored procedures or anything else on the production systems. This simple architecture significantly reduces server footprint, simplifies the installation and upgrade process, and eliminates risk agents on the performance of the monitored SQL servers.

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(SQL Workload Analysis is an add-on to SQL Diagnostic Manager.)

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