Webcast : 10 Ways to Improve SQL Server Automation

Presenter: Jeremy Kadlec
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SQL Server comes with a built-in scheduling application call SQL Server Agent. This service allows you to automate repetitive tasks as well as setup tasks for monitoring and alerting.

As a SQL Server DBA, you need to understand the landscape of your environment. With numerous responsibilities and competing priorities, critical processes can get neglected and lost in the shuffle. Attend this session to learn how SQL Server Agent can help you be more productive, save significant amounts of time and demonstrate your value to the organization. Come learn how to get valuable insight into SQL Server Agent for:

1. Monitoring
2. Notification
3. Configuration
4. Scheduling
5. Security
6. Performance
7. and more…

Don’t miss this demo centric session with scripts, tips and tricks you can use immediately in your environment.

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