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Case Study : Jackson National Life Improves Team Productivity in Multi-Platform Environment
This case study describes how Jackson National Life Insurance Company improved productivity and reduced costs with Aqua Data Studi...
Case Study : Snowline School District Improves SQL Server Management with Aqua Data Studio
Learn how Snowline has improved productivity 15-20 percent by using Aqua Data Studio to manage a SQL Server environment, create da...
Datasheet : Aqua Data Studio Datasheet
This datasheet contains a summary of key features and benefits of Aqua Data Studio.
Whitepaper : Top Metrics to Monitor in MySQL Databases
The secret to knowing what adjustments to make to the MySQL database is to perform regular monitoring, track the most useful metri...
Webcast : Managing SQL Server Upgrades using the Query Store and Compatibility Level Settings
Joseph D'Antoni discusses how to use the Query Store to identify query plans that have changed for the worst after an upgrade.
Video : Aqua Data Studio Demonstration
Explore the many features of Aqua Data Studio in this detailed demonstration. See a demonstration of the major features, including...
Video : Register Server / Connect Demo
See how easy it is to register a server and connect to a database or data source in Aqua Data Studio. Select from many data source...
Video : Aqua Data Studio Visual Analytics Demo
Watch quick demonstration of Aqua Data Studio's Visual Analytics and learn how to drag and drop dimensions and measures to make va...
Video : Aqua Data Studio Query Builder Basic Demo
Build complex SQL statements that include joins without having to type them using drag and drop, autocompletion and much more.
Video : Aqua Data Studio Overview
An overview of Aqua Data Studio, highlighting the major features. Query Analyzer, Script Generation, Schema Browser, Table Data Ed...
Video : Aqua Data Studio Query Builder Advanced Demo
Advanced features of the Visual Query Builder, including changing the Primary Database, adding Favorites, creating subqueries, cre...
Video : Query Analyzer Basic Demo
A review of the Query Analyzer's basic features. Autocompletion, Query Automation, Morph to Delimited List, Multi Statement Execut...
Video : Query Analyzer Advanced Demo
A review of the Query Analyzer's advanced features. Autocompletion, Results with Charts, Pivots and much more.
Video : Table Data Editor
Editing data in a database with an Excel-like grid. INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE through a GUI interface that functions like most spread...
Video : ER Modeler Basic Demo
Build Entity Relationship (ER) Models, script DDL from a model, compare a model to an existing connected database and much more.
Video : ER Modeler Advanced Demo
Build Entity Relationship (ER) Models, using the ER Modeler to migrate schemas and tables from one database vendor to another data...
Video : Aqua Data Studio for InterBase
See the extensive support that Aqua Data Studio provides for the Embarcadero InterBase embeddable relational database.
Video : SQL History & SQL Archive
This video demonstrates the SQL Archive and History features for accessing previously created queries.
Video : Aqua Data Studio for Snowflake
Learn how Aqua Data Studio provides extensive support for the Snowflake cloud data warehouse.
Whitepaper : A User-centric, Collaborative, Holistic Philosophy of Tuning the Application Stack
Do not wait until the environment is showing distress to implement the plan to optimize the performance of applications. Learn in ...
Case Study : XLSure Chooses Aqua Data Studio for Intuitive Interface and Multi-Platform Support
XLSure selected Aqua Data Studio (ADS) to make it easier to switch back and forth between heterogeneous database environments, whi...
Whitepaper : Ready, Set, Load Test: Best Practices, Tools, and Tricks for Determining Database Performance under ...
This whitepaper discusses why stress and load testing are a critical part of the development life cycle and outlines some best pra...
Solution Brief : Highlights of SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro
Read this solution brief to learn about the highlights of IDERA’s SQL Diagnostic Manager Pro. Discover its wait type analysis, use...
Whitepaper : How to Become a Database Administrator for MySQL
Do you want to become a database administrator (DBA) for MySQL? Read this whitepaper to learn what the job may look like, what ski...
Infographic : The Lesser-known Cloud Services That Can Be Helpful to Database Administrators
With this infographic learn what lesser-known cloud services can help DBAs accomplish essential tasks in the cloud.
Webcast : Human Factors in Data Governance
Ron Huizenga discusses cultural change and the human side of Data Governance.
Datasheet : SQL Compliance Manager
SQL Compliance Manager is a comprehensive auditing solution that uses policy-based algorithms to track changes to your SQL Server ...
Whitepaper : The Lesser-Known Cloud Services That Can Be Helpful to Database Administrators
Read this whitepaper to learn about lesser-known cloud services from Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services that can help databas...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - SQL Server Performance Tuning – Analyzing Past to Predict Future
Pinal Dave highlights methods for SQL Server Performance Tuning by analyzing the past behavior of SQL Server.
Webcast : Designing a SQL Server Backup Strategy
Ben DeBow discusses how to design a backup strategy that meets the business and developments goals for each application and database.