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Whitepaper : Databases on Cloud Virtual Machines versus Managed Cloud Databases
Tackling cloud migration means big decisions. We can help. Learn about the differences between databases on cloud virtual machines...
Whitepaper : Five Misconceptions About Cloud Migration
A realistic view of cloud migration can help you realize the full potential of migrating to the cloud. Make sure you know about co...
Infographic : Five Misconceptions About Cloud Migration
Cloud computing is a rapidly maturing technology, but many misconceptions about cloud migration still exist. Learn about five of t...
Webcast : Successfully Migrating Existing Databases to Azure SQL Database
John Sterrett discusses how to successfully migrate your database schema and data to the cloud.
Webcast : IDERA Live | Working with Complex Data Environments
Lisa Waugh discusses the best approach for dealing with the growing challenges of having data reside on different database platforms.
Datasheet : SQL Secure
IDERA SQL Secure is a security analysis solution that identifies SQL Server security security vulnerabilities and ensures security...
Video : Precise for Oracle Database’s New GUI
Precise for Oracle Database monitors, analyzes, and tunes Oracle Database instances. Learn more in this video and see its new grap...
Video : Precise for SQL Server’s New GUI
Precise for Microsoft SQL Server monitors, analyzes, and tunes SQL Server instances. Learn more in this video and see its new grap...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Database Auditing Essentials: Tracking Who Did What to Which Data When
Craig Mullins discusses the requirements for auditing data access in relational databases.
Webcast : IDERA Live | Monitor the Performance of Multiple-Platform Databases in the Cloud
Join IDERA’s Bill Ellis to review availability, health, and performance of databases migrating to the cloud.
Webcast : IDERA Live | Leverage the Query Store for Better SQL Server Performance
Bullett Manale discusses how the Query Store works, how to configure it, and how IDERA’s SQL Diagnostic Manager can improve the pe...
Webcast : IDERA Live | The DBA Quit and Now You're It: How to Survive
Join Matt Gordon as he walks through a checklist for your first few days as a DBA.
Webcast : IDERA Live | Business Value Metrics for Data Governance
Ron Huizenga discusses the business justification for establishing a data governance framework.
Webcast : IDERA Live | Understanding SQL Server Compliance both in the Cloud and On Premises
Kim Brushaber explores the complex world of regulations and how that applies to how you collect and maintain your data.
Webcast : IDERA Live | Mitigating Data Risks from Cloud to Ground
Rob Reinauer discusses how IDERA database tools simplify the management of on-premises, hybrid, and cloud deployments and mitigate...
Whitepaper : Empowering Operational Data Governance with Data Lineage
In this whitepaper, David Loshin examines ways that data lineage empowers data stewards to operationalize key aspects of data gove...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Boost SQL Server Settings in the Cloud and On Premises
Pinal Dave shows three critical and several other important configuration settings, which once enabled instantly improve the perfo...
Whitepaper : Quickly Deliver Relevant Data to the Right People to Improve DevOps
Learn how integrate the quick deployment of databases to authorized staff into DevOps with IDERA’s SQL Safe Backup.
Whitepaper : Database Backup Compression Versus File Deduplication
Learn why compression of database backups yields better results than file deduplication with storage appliances, and how SQL Safe ...
Webcast : SQL Server Performance and Scalability
At the end of this session, you should have a solid understanding of how to determine if your database needs to scale or needs to ...
Webcast : Power Up Your Productivity with ER/Studio 18.0
Ron Huizenga shares information about the major productivity and user experience improvements in the latest release of ER/Studio.
Whitepaper : Automatically Migrate Databases for DevOps
Learn how to integrate with DevOps the automatic migration of database changes with SQL Comparison Toolset.
Solution Brief : IDERA Database Tools for Microsoft Azure
Learn about how IDERA Database Tools support Microsoft Azure for databases on Azure Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database, and more.
Solution Brief : IDERA Database Tools for Amazon Web Services
Learn about how IDERA Database Tools supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) for databases on Amazon EC2, managed cloud databases on Am...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Data Architecture and Data Governance: A Powerful Data Management Duo
Kelle O’Neal discusses the critical aspects of aligning data architecture and data governance and how they can be leveraged within...
Webcast : Geek Sync Geek Sync - Keep your Healthcare Databases Secure and Compliant
Stan Geiger and Kim Brushaber discuss the data protection challenges that healthcare organizations face and how to ensure that hea...
Webcast : 7 Tips and Tricks for Auditing SQL Server
To assist with compliance and business requirements, SQL Server has several built-in tools and features that can be used to captur...
Datasheet : IDERA Solutions for the Cloud
In this document, learn how IDERA's products help data professionals manage databases in cloud environments.
Comparison : Compare the Best SQL Server Defrag Software
Compare in detail the features and functionalities of SQL Defrag Manager by IDERA with SQL Sentry Fragmentation Manager and Micros...
Comparison : Compare the Best SQL Server Backup Software
Compare, side by side, the features and functionalities of the best SQL Server backup software on the market. Download a free tria...